Resonance is the winning game of the Global Game Jam NL. Together with 4 other students from random cities all over the country we created this game within 48 hours, that won both the public prize and the jury prize. The theme for the Game Jam was “deception”, and all entries had to have either a “key”, a “monkey” or a “donkey” in it.

After the Game Jam, we continued developing this game until it could be released on several portals. An iPhone version followed even later and can still be found in the appstore now.

Resonance challenges the player to reach the end of a level by the use of musical blocks, which can be extended or substracted by playing the correct musical note. In some levels you need to find the notes before you can activate them, to make it even more challenging.

Here you can see a gameplay video (of the first verion of the game):

Here you can play the game:

Here you can find the iPhone version: